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Yoga has been a passion of mine since I was 15. I first discovered it while taking dance classes in the small mountain community I grew up in. What started as a means to be flexible and limber soon grew into a passion leading me down a path of personal and spiritual growth.  I remember being able to drop away from all things surface and meet this space within that felt pure, whole and a little like magic. Over the next few years I practiced yoga of various modalities until an inner spark of curiosity led me to a 200 hour yoga teacher training in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  This is where my journey into self study began. 

     Two years after completing my training I moved to Mexico where I dove deeper into my practice and began teaching on a regular basis. It was here that I fell in love with sharing the practice of yoga with others and holding space for personal experience and growth. 

    I am fueled by nature and believe it can be one of our biggest teachers. My Yoga focuses on that connection to nature, our breath, and trust in all that we are. Through my personal life experiences and different modalities practiced across my travels, my offerings come from a place of honesty and compassion. 


What kind of Yoga do you teach?
  This is a question most people ask, and a fair one at that. It is a quick and dirty way to find out if you will jive with someone's teaching style. It is important to find osmeone that you connect with, and that can help you connect with yourself. 
The quick and dirty is that i teach a gentle vinyasa, but it is so much more than that.
I would first like to refrain from using the word 'teach.' I prefer to use 'offering,' because that is what it is. Simply an offering, from my heart to yours. I am not teaching you something- this can imply you are missing something and have to learn it. Typically it is UNlearning that we must do. So I offer you guidance to something that is already within you. Something that you simply need to Remember.
My goal is to have people connect with their bodies, and really drop into this vessel to see what lies deeper. Using the breath as our main tool, I take you through postures and breathwork that can activate this deeper knowing and listening, and begin to create a personal practice that is embodied and sustainable. 

My private sessions are for those of you looking to strengthen your personal practice, and deepen your connection with your intuition, your emotions and your divine spirit. If you would prefer something more personal, private and from the comfort of your home, this is for you. Open to all levels and ages, Together we will create a practice that is customized and feels good to you! 


Go in and in. 

Be the space

between two cells,

the vast, resounding

silence in which 

spirit dwells.

Be sugar dissolving 

on the tongue of life.

Dive in and in,

as deep as you can dive.

Be infinite, ecstatic truth.

Be love conceived and born in union. 

Be exactly what you seek,

the beloved, singing Yes,

tasting Yes, embracing Yes,

until there is only essence;

the All of Everything

expressing through you 

as you. Go in and in 

and turn away from nothing that you find. 

-Dana Faulds


Group Clases

Monday - 9:00AM

Wednesday- 9:00AM

Friday - 9:00AM

Casa Isabel 

Yelapa, Mexico



Private sessions online and in person

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